George Koutsouris utilizes principles of science, engineering and acoustics to create art. Through the study of mechanistic processes he explores the concepts of order and chaos in our society and natural world, and he attempts to understand the impact the machining human behaviour has in our modern culture.

He mainly uses low-tech industrial materials and devices, such as mechanical components, strings, motors and everyday objects, combined to sculptures and installations that involve motion and/or interaction with the spectator, who eventually becomes part of the artwork. George Koutsouris owns a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and a MSc in Acoustical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. He has also been trained in music and art. In 2015 he started an MFA at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. George lives in Denmark since 2009. He works as an acoustical engineer at Odeon A/S and as an artist in Copenhagen, Denmark.