When the content has been poured (four persons)

Previous Next Installations When the content has been poured Installation view: Q – space, Copenhagen, Denmark. March 2016.Fine tuned wine glasses, acrylic, wood, mechanical components, electric motor.Variable dimensions. Description Four glass wines, that can represent a symbol of luxury, are now upside down. When the time arrives to strike them, there is no wine left […]

Music of Suspended Elements

Previous Next Installations Music of suspended elements Installation view: Kunsthal Charlottenborg, PULSAR music festival, Copenhagen, Denmark. March 2016.Aluminium, steel wire, fishing braid, mechanical components.Dimensions 300cm x 300cm x 200cm. Performed by Katerina Anagnostidou. Photos by Sebastian Buur Gunvald. Description Music of Suspended Elements is a music piece for a solo percussionist and a sound mobile, […]

Two bolts flirting during a mechanical dream

Previous Next Installations Two bolts flirting during a mechanical dream Installation view: PVC – Project Room Vera, Copenhagen, Denmark. January 2016. Steel bolts, acrylic, mechanical components, electric motors. Variable dimensions. Photos by Juliette Le Monnyer.

Mirror Flowers

Previous Next Installations Mirror flowers Installation view: PVC – Project Room Vera, Copenhagen, Denmark. January 2016. Mirrors, wood, steel wires, acrylic, mechanical components, electric motor, spotlights. Dimensions 60cm x 60cm x 60cm.

Music mobiles

Previous Next Installations Music mobiles Installation View: Athens, Greece, 2015. Acrylic mirrors, line, steel wire, beechwood balls, colored lights, tripod stands, live music performance by Marina Siani (viola) and Marios Kazas (piano). Dimensions 100 cm x 100 cm. Description The work consists of two mirror mobiles that hang from two tripod stands in a dark […]



Previous Next Previous Next Installations Flocks Installation view: Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark. January 2014.Beechwood, mirror disks, acrylic sheet, mechanical components, electric motor, lights.Variable dimensions.

21 Minutes

Installations 21 minutes Original composition and sound installation for paintings exhibition. Gallery Titanium, Athens, Greece 2012. Paintings: Yiannis Koutsouris.