Rotatable tubes Krauseparken, Copenhagen, Denmark. March 2017.Plywood, paint, varnish, mechanical components.Dimensions: 12m x 4m x 4cm. Assisted by Marina Stelina Siani. Project commissioned and supported by Metroselskabet I/S.

Sonic Curtain

Sonic Curtain Nørrebro Station, Copenhagen, Denmark. January 2016 – present.Wood, industrial components, paint.Dimensions: 27m x 3m x 30cm. Assisted by Marina Stelina Siani, Petros Sianis. Project commissioned and supported by Metroselskabet I/S.Won the Hegnspælen 2016 jury prize. Description A hybrid entity of op and sound art, Sonic Curtain is an artwork at the edge of […]

Sound Neckties

Sound Neckties Installation view: Enghave Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark. October 2015. Plywood, wood, industrial components, paint.Dimensions 8m x 2.4m x 15 cm. Project commissioned and supported by Københavns Metro. Description SOUND NECKTIES is a series of four plywood-made pendulums, which are free to move by natural wind or by human action. A slight rotation is sufficient […]


Transformations Installation view: Thomas B Thriges Gade, Skulkenborg, Odense, Denmark, September 2015. Plywood, mechanical components, paint. Dimensions 40m x 2.5m x 5cm. Assisted by Stefanos Avdalas, Marina Siani. Project commissioned and supported by Fra Gade til By. Description TRANSFORMATIONS is a constantly changing artwork. It is a project of order and chaos, of changing and […]

Speaking Labyrinth

Speaking Labyrinth Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2015. Holes on plywood fence, plastic flexible tubes, horns, metal grid, paint. Dimensions 30m x 2m x 50cm. Composition reproduced during the opening: Labyrinthicalities, George Koutsouris 2015. Vocals by Benjamin Theis Nellemose and Polyxeni Zavitsanou. Project commissioned and supported by Københavns Metro. Description A right-angled plywood wall is populated […]

Rotating Waves

Rotating waves George Koutsouris in collaboration with artist Rune Drewsen.Installation view: Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2014 – February 2015. High density polystyrene foam, resin, beads, plywood, mechanical parts, paint.Dimensions: 20m x 4m x 16cm. Project commissioned by Københavns Metro. Description A group of 25 light-weight rotating propellers creates a kinetic-sound installation that brings the soundscape […]