A string kaleidoscope

Strings, tunning pins, wood, mirror, electric motor, mechanical components, ping pong balls.
Dimensions 100cm x 80cm x 160cm.

– The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, PULSAR music festival, Copenhagen, Denmark. March 2018.
– Kunsthal Charlottenborg, The Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark. February 2017.
– The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Rundgang, Copenhagen, Denmark. June 2016.


This sculptural sound machine transforms the deterministic rotational movement of the capsule into random musical phrases. The coexistence of order and chaos is investigated through engineering and acoustical processes. The strings inside the capsule are weaved in seemingly random patterns, yet carefully arranged so that no one touches each other. This allows the structure to reveal it’s sonority by the the unpredictable paths from falling ping pong balls. The kaleidoscopic reflections in the interior, expand the limits of capsule, multiply the balls and extend the chaotic processes to infinity, debating the actual origin of sound.