George (Georgios) Koutsouris

At first sight, my works might seem quite different from each other, but they all share a few concrete underlying principles: Rotational movement, constant change, liquid modernity and unpredictability. 

I always like to see the world from different angles and different perspectives, therefore my works are about a continuous re-arrangement or a continuous transformation. These changes are made either by the works themselves or actively by the viewer or just by the way the viewer looks at them.

I mainly use devices from science, engineering and acoustics to create playful art that explores the way we coexist. Through the study of mechanistic processes, I investigate order and chaos in society and the natural world, and I attempt to understand the impact the machining human behaviour has in our modern culture. I often use low-tech industrial materials, such as wood, metal, mechanical components and strings, as well as motors, electronics and simple geometric forms, combined into sculptures and installations that involve motion and/or interaction with the spectator, who eventually becomes part of the artwork.

I graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2018. I also own a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and a MSc in Acoustical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, where I studied with a 2-year Scholarship from the Alexander Onassis Foundation. I have also been trained in classical and rythmic music. I live in Copenhagen since 2009, where I work as an artist and as a part-time acoustical engineer at Odeon A/S.

…’Koutsouris has himself well studied the history of op art and more contemporary artists, who take the uncomforting risk to pose questions about the function of art in an exhibition space’…
‘He defends his art objects in their aesthetic appearance, as well as in their technical surface, their playful doings and finally their philosophical conceptual plane’…
‘In his theoretical understanding of acoustics, electronics and wave technologies Koutsouris debates mathematics and algorithm as an expression of chaos, order, chance and unpredictability, and their simultaneous existence. For Koutsouris the technical evolution is not just a regulative intervention within the social order, but also the expression of human activity in the process of a world building, that becomes more and more connective’…

Angela Melitopoulos, Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Video and Sound artist. 
Copenhagen, July 2018.

Interviews, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2021.

Glow magazine, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2021.

Athens Voice, Athens, Greece, 2021.

Metroselskabet, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015.

Available works

You can purchase some of my most commercial artworks directly on the following sites: