A silent instrument

Copenhagen, Denmark. June 2018.
Beechwood, glue, stainless steel string, tuning pins, light bulb, steel rope.
Diameter: 50cm.
Part 1 of 8.


The work is a continuation of ‘A string kaleidoscope’. The same musical instrument devices, such as strings and tuning pins are used, but this time to create a geometric light object in a crossover between art and design. ‘A silent instrument’ is a lamp that casts shadows of straight lines, weaved in chaotic patterns, to the surrounding walls. Sound is not produced explicitly, but it is only implied by the potentiality of elements used. The regular icosahedron that forms the frame of the lamb seems to be held in place by the forces of the tensioned strings inside and its orderly shape comes in stark contrast to the encapsulated, disordered interior.