Wall Art

Be lucky, be happy!

November 2020
Acrylic (plexiglass) sheets, painted plywood,
mechanical components, motors, electronics, power supply.
Dimensions 80cm x 28cm x 10cm.



The title of the work seems like a wish, but it could be easily received as an encouragement. Luck, and the potential happiness that comes as a consequence, require a great amount of continuous effort. Even though a large percentage of our life might be affected by randomness, where and when the various random events will happen is something controlled by us. In this artwork, a random dice spins at random time intervals, to a random angle, towards a random direction These many factors of randomness create a feeling of surprise, expectation and excitement. At the same time the work remains significantly quiet.

Currently in view at the exhibition Alex in Wonderland, ACT II, The Project Gallery, Athens.

Available on artaz.gr.