Sonic Curtain

Nørrebro Station, Copenhagen, Denmark. January 2016 – present.
Wood, industrial components, paint.
Dimensions: 27m x 3m x 30cm.

Assisted by Marina Stelina Siani, Petros Sianis.

Project commissioned and supported by Metroselskabet I/S.
Won the Hegnspælen 2016 jury prize.


A hybrid entity of op and sound art, Sonic Curtain is an artwork at the edge of engineering, acoustics and architecture. It is a sound – kinetic installation that injects impulsive meditative sounds into the urban space, while new color combinations emerge continuously. In Sonic Curtain the unpredictable forces of natural wind are transformed into a group of chaotic color correlations and percussive sound patterns of about 200 suspended wood beams, which are free to rotate around themselves and strike to each other.